WP1Project coordinationVTT
WP2Cell manufacturing optimizationELCOGEN AS
WP3Optimization of interconnect manufacturing process EK
WP4Optimization of stack conditioning process ELCOGEN OY
WP5Impact analyses of the combined results EK
WP6Dissemination, knowledge management and exploitation ENEA


The overall structure of qSOFC work packages is illustrated in Figure 7. Work packages 2…4  concentrate on the technical advancements in cell, interconnect and stack manufacturing and quality control. WP5 is an analyses work package which in the beginning of the project analyses and feeds the technical work packages with information from the industrial advisory group. Then towards the end of the project, WP5 analyses the combined effect of the technical achievements to outline the achieved cost reduction and cost reduction potential as a function of manufacturing volumes. WP 6 is used to ensure efficient dissemination and exploitation of project results, not only for project key to strengthen European Fuel Cell industry so that also other companies can benefit and use products, services, and value chains developed within the qSOFC project.

Fig. 1

Figure 1. Interaction between work packages and external communication with the project.