Joint Workshop qSOFC-Cell3Ditor-EERA 11 December 2019 - presentations available
On December 11th 2019, as an official side event of the 8th European Fuel Cell Conference held in Naples, the qSOFC stakeholder workshop was held, bringing together different areas of manufacturing in order to assess pathways to successful mass production of new technologies.
Haiku Tech finalist of the European Innovation Radar - Finals in Brussles on 25-26 September 2019!
Haiku Tech, with their AI-enabled, in-line visual inspection machine are confirmed as one of 40 finalists in the category Industrial and Enabling Tech
Manufacturing success: cost down and quality up - Join the workshop on December 11, 2019 in Naples
Joint Workshop qSOFC-Cell3Ditor-EERA 11 December 2019, Naples - ITALY To cultivate common approaches for the manufacturing processes of tomorrow for high-temperature materials.
qSOFC impact: Haiku Tech presents the μNET Inspector 1.6 Neural Network Visual Inspection System
Haiku Tech introduces a vision inspection machine with an outstanding performance/speed ratio. Self-learning AI software in combination with high quality components allows new microscopic scale full object inspections at speeds previously impossible.
The SOFC value chain in Europe: the qSOFC, INNOSOFC and DEMOSOFC Projects
Check out this 6-minute documentary following the chain from ceramic powders to clean power using SOFC
Next generation fuel cells key to new Finnish renewable energy system
Elcogen and fuel cell system developer Convion to power two combined heat and power (CHP) systems for the LEMENE smart grid, led by energy company Lempäälän Energia.
Quality assurance in SOFC Manufacturing: qSOFC at the 2018 Tokyo FC Expo
The qSOFC project goes to Tokyo to present progress in the manufacturing of SOFC interconnects